The Best Products To Use To Increase The Amount Of Beneficial Bacteria Present In A Pond

When most people hear about a bacteria buildup in a pond, they envision a dirty body of water that is unsightly. While several forms of bacteria are harmful to the water and organisms of a pond, other kinds of beneficial bacteria ensure fish and plants thrive and help to keep the water clear. The following is a look at just three products that help to regulate the levels of benefical bacteria present and keep harmful bacteria at bay.

Clarification Products

One of the easiest ways to combat sludge and cloudy water is to balance out the pH levels. Bacteria helps to fight this challenge by overcoming dangerous organisms, which will help to prevent a buildup of algae and stave off cloudy water. Most products that tackle this issue are dispersed according to the overall acreage of the surface of the pond and require application a minimum of once every two weeks for optimal results.

Phosphate Binders

Another common issue that plagues pond owners is the presence of suspended particles, as they are not only unhealthy for fish but they are one of the leading contributors to water that is cloudy. Phosphate binders help eliminate them by binding to their exterior surface and forcing them to settle on the bottom of the body of water. Phosphate binding additives are affordable and are one of the first steps in improving the overall clarity of the water in a pond.

Oxygen Based Cleaners

The various decorative items that are present in a pond, such as rocks, statues, and water features are all susceptible to an overgrowth of bacteria and algae. Not only does it lead to an odor problem, but it will also cause the items to become covered with contaminants that reduce their visual appeal. An oxygen based cleaner removes the buildup and keeps the objects looking like new without requiring elbow grease.

The right combination of chemicals will keep an outdoor body of water clean and beautiful. Living Water Aeration offers a complete line of products in stock and provides consultation service to help a property owner choose the right additive for their unique circumstances. Check out their site to learn more and overhaul a pond without delay.